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i learned how to play magic the gathering two days ago. i have already bought a bunch of cards... now i realize why this game is so addictive.


you're hilarious.

Re: HA!

hehe.. i know. i'm only buying things which are cheaper than buying for retail at a gaming shop. plus, we don't really have any gaming shops here... that's one thing i do miss about madison. and the one or two that you can find (and have to drive through the ghetto to get to) have only a very small selection of magic cards, and none of them sell other board or card games. boo. i think i might need to make a trip out to madtown just to stock up on games.

Re: HA!

ps- i've been trying to think of the name of a game that a and i used to play a lot.. mostly at steep n brew. the game where you pick 1X1 tiles and lay them to connect farming land and roads in different directions. know what i'm talking about?