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oh, snap!

10 reasons my boyfriend is amazing:

1.) he shares my deep love for bacon. and cooks it to my liking.

2.) he eats my pussy like it's going out of style. seriously. boys, you have a lot to learn from this man.

3.) he is kinky. reeeeally kinky.

4.) he likes to both give and receive awesome massages.

5.) he is smart, silly, considerate, responsible, honest, loyal, and very fun.

6.) oh, and gorgeous.

7.) he's a great father, and it makes me smile to watch him with his son.

8.) he has very similar (read- good) tastes in music, literature, and movies.

9.) he insists that i wear a ribbon on my wrist (which he changes often) to remind me of him... okay, seriously- how fucking sweet is that?!

10.) it was his idea to start a couples journal, which we write in together about how madly in love we are.


Bacon can pretty much make it or break it.

I'm so happy for you!!! <3
text me at 920.941.3593 with your email and I'll send you a drunken pic
also, I love you.