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eye see you

thirty days of sobriety today. i think i'm allowed to be proud of myself for that. : )

..i really hope i can get someone to pick up the lease on my apartment in madison, because hillary and i found a house we want to live in in milwaukee that's HUGE. i mean, the fucking house has a fireplace! all wood floors, enough room to house four people more-than-comfortably, large patio outside, free laundry, free parking, it's in riverwest... my favorite part of milwaukee, and the landlord is an awesome guy. plus, the rent is only $750/month!

sooooo.. if you know anyone who wants to move to the downtown area (1 w gilman st.) please let them know that i have an apartment available for sublet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. i need to get away from madison for a while.


you are definately allowed to be proud of yourself! :)congratulations on that, try keep strong.. *hug*

and good luck with the appartment!
thanks so much! <3
i'm proud of you too suzy <3
thanks, love. i hope you're doing well... i haven't been keeping up with my iam like i should be, so i feel like i'm outta the loop. <3