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i just found my copy of the "girls singing night" cd of so much shouting, so much laughter (ani!) which i had thought i lost. it was stashed in another cd case, and it was discovered when i finallllly cleaned out my car. anyway, i've been doing some driving today- back to watertown from madison at first, and later to jefferson for workstuff. what i'm getting at here is.. i hated this cd when i first listened to it. with a passion. perhaps this was due to the fact that i thought the other cd in the set was amazing, and i just didn't give this one a chance. actually, i think i only listened to the cd once through, and not even really all the way through- i mean, skipping songs that i didn't like after the first thirty or so seconds.

i'm stupid, i guess.

the cd is amazing. amazing. i still despise the version of "32 flavors" on it, and i'm not so fond of the first track, but other than that it's great. i had some quality singing time to myself today.. and that's always fun. but yeah.. that's all. now, some lyrics.. i think they're amazingly powerful and oh-so-bleakly beautiful:

this melancholy that i carry makes me feel so grown up
at my kitchen table doing shots of resignation
i never thought i'd see the day when i would say i give up
and break the stallions of my wildest expectations

i do not want to know you this way
surrounded by so much pain
but how am i supposed to let go of you this way
like a bird into the sky of my brain?

i think i could accept all these dark colors
as just part of some bigger color scheme
if it wasn't for that drippy string quartet of sadness
underscoring each smiling scene
desire drags me right out of myself
a gas-soaked rope tied to a piece of coal
and i'm getting pretty good at looking at the bright side
while the flames rip along the sand and swallow me whole


"So I just wanted to say that I think Drums and Tuba did a REALLY poor job with girls' singing night.....


i love that cd!!!
hahahahaha. <3

i believe the quote is "..drums and tuba did a REALLY terrible job.."

but i forgive you. : )
lol...you're probably right...i haven't listened to it in a while!!!
and i just listened to it a few minutes ago. : )