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i think i might need to start getting more sleep.. but.. but.. i don't want to.

i haven't even had a nap after work in the longest time, and i seem to be properly operating on very little sleep night after night. perhaps it's the mania.


and perhaps when you don't have to drive an hour to work every morning, you will be able to catch up more!
Yay! When is the official move?
it'll be two weeks from sunday.. and.. uhm.. actually..... i'll still be commuting when i live in madison. : ) you can't beat a job at $16.50/hour most places, and definitely not in madison. plus, starting next week, i get to start receiving my $500 per house (at least i think that's still the rate) commissions on all the houses we have signed contracts for. which at this point is about five backed commissions. w00t!


you can take me out to the bar then!!!!!!!
hehehehe. we should go to the glass nickel sometime this weekend! : ) that place is goodtimes. and hey-- when do you work this weekend? i need new summery skirts and dresses, yo.


well, today (saturday) I go in from 3-8 and tomarrow 10-2 or 3.
yay! stop by! Visit!
Although, you must be inconspicuous about it...
read the post I'm about to write...