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on my way back from the bank just now, i saw a woman driving an ugly blue car with a bumper sticker that showcased a waving flag with a blue square holding fifty ugly stars and thirteen ugly striped lines. it said "proud to be an american." and it made me wonder how someone could not only believe that, but believe in it so much that they were willing to stick it up on their car for the whole world to see. and i suddenly found myself filled with some sense of hatred toward this person who i didn't even know.

shortly thereafter, i saw a bukowski-esque man smoking a pipe as he drove and waving to a passerby, and that made me feel a little better about humanity, but not much.


I feel the same way as you on this.
It seems the word "American" is slowly becoming pejoritive in itself.
us gen "Xers" and "Why?ers" need to get together and create us some good ol' fashioned civil unrest.
i'll be first in line to join your army. : )