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it's just about time for me to leave work now, but i realized that i had almost forgotten to mention the wonderful deal i got today. : ) i stopped in at the gas station to get cigarettes. i was going to buy a pack of lucky strike lights, (i fucking LOVE luckies.. i don't know why i don't smoke them more often) but SA only sold lucky filters, and since those kick my ass a bit too hard, i opted for a pack of camel lights. the girl behind the counter goes "would you just like one, or would you like the buy one, get one free deal?" *points behind her to all the double-packs of camels. duh. yeah, i'll take the buy-one-get-one........ in fact.. give me four of those.

i have the worst luck ever trying to find cigarette deals, and if i do, it's always when there's no lights left. so yeah- i got eight packs of cigarettes for $16.28. not bad. not bad at all. : )


...I remember the good old days in minneapolis when I could buy a whole carton of name brand cigarettes for 16 bucks... of course, I always opted for the generics and payed 10.99 per.
I think prices there are almost as cheap. Last time I was in town, I bought a pack of viceroys for 1.99... Goddam the anti-smoking Madison area!!!!!!!!!

free stuff!

free stuff=very very good.

Actually, that's how I switched to Camel Lights, they were buy one get one.

-Cristy (new journal.)