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back from camping!

camping was mostly a success. we packed everything up from oconomowoc and headed to madison on thursday night. once we got to madison, we smoked a whole lot of pot, went to the grocery store to get all the food for the trip, smoked some more, and finally fell asleep. at about 7:30 we started getting up and getting stuff together. the coolers got filled with ice and packed with food, and the madison girls packed their bags into the two vehicles we were taking.

so, we split ourselves between the two cars and headed out to the campsite. after about four hours and lots of smokage, we arrived at the site and began to set up camp. these girls seriously did not know how to pack light. for instance, my roomie, hillary, packed a giant air matress to sleep on, complete with another huge contraption to blow it up. sarah brought a cot to sleep on, and puffer brought some sort of "camping bed" to use. of course, once everyone realized that there was no actual room in the tent for that shit, they decided to just use sleeping bags. (which they all also brought!??) anyway, after a couple hours of set-up work, the tent, screen porch, chairs, sleeping bags, and everything else was set up. we then named ourselves camp green tent for the obvious reason that our tent was green, and since we're all giant potheads, and soon revised the plan to call ourselves camp screen tent (in a quieter voice) only when we were present in the screen tent.

after we rewarded ourselves for the tent-setting-uping with another smoke session, three of us (myself included) headed to find liquor while the other three went to buy firewood. we quickly found out that the nearest place to get liquor was in a town about thirty minutes away, and it was only a gas station with very limited foodstuffs. anyway, our "buy a quarter barrel" plan had clearly failed, so we just decided to get a bunch of 24-packs of beer along with a couple bottles of hard schtuff and plenty of ice. this would end up proving to be enough alcohol since we came prepared with three eighths of ganja, too.

so, friday night it poured at the campsite. poured. i woke up some time in the middle of the night, only to find that the entire bottom half of my sleeping bag was soaked in water. like, i was seriously swimming. anyway, it was really nice, warm, and sunny saturday morning when we finally got up. so, we hung up everything to dry during the day while we played at the campsite. we decided to brave the waters and go swimming. it was SUPER-FUCKING-COLD, but fun, and slightly refreshing. (this may have had something to do with the fact that melissa and i consumed around 5-6 jello shots each and several more shots of tequila before we entered said water.) after the swim we smoked some more and drank a few beers, and then headed out to the volleyball court to play some drunk (just melissa and i, really) / stoned (everyone) volleyball.

the volleyball was ridiculous. seriously. first, we decided that the ball could bounce once and it was still playable. but soon we decided that as long as you got it back over the net, no matter how many times you hit it / how many times it bounced / whatever.. it was playable. fun. afterwards, more swimming.

saturday night / sunday morning it started to pour even more than the night before. it was insane. we tried to wait it out, but everything was getting soaked, and we had to pack up everything to head home, so we just ended up doing it during this downpoar. we were drenched by the time we got everything packed into the cars. sooooo.. back to the camp office to check out and change out of our wet clothes. then, another long car ride back home. we had to set up the tent(s) and lay everything else out at puffer's place when we got back to oconomowoc because it was so wet, but that was over soon enough and then it was time to smoke some more.

and now? now i'm out the door to go see saved with hill and her brother. yay!

ps- the first shower after three days without one is always AWESOME!!