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sorry kids.. no more public posts. i don't want certain people reading my entries anymore. soooo.. if you're on my friends list, good work- you get to read. otherwise, send me a little note and i'll add you. <3


Yay! I am glad to be on your friends list, then...
woo hoo!
When you gonna come hang out with me?
soon, baby.. in just a few short days i'll be in madison all the time! : )


woo hoo!
Add meeeeeeeeeee!
okaaaaaaaaaaaaay! : )

you dont know me

But im searching for non-conformist weirdos. Im sure your journal is full of them???

Im a good looking nomad biker. Im also a plushie. But everyone is fooled with my 'outstanding citizen' costume.

Re: you dont know me

you're added. funny.. i know three of the people on your friends list. : )
Thought I'd say hi.. and that I added ya.
you're added. : )

you de-friended me?!

how lame. and i don't even know what i did to offend you. at least message a brother....grrrr.

Re: you de-friended me?!

huh? no i didn't.
ummm..you should add me, i think we know each other....
done. : )
it's jen...i'm undeleting this journal and making it my issues journal...so add me, ho ;)
done, lovely. : )
i was. : ) and you can consider yourself added.
hey.. it's ashley, and you should add me, cuz i'm cool.
the tattoo is beautiful
thanks. : )

can i be on your friends list, too, neihbor?

if i may quote...

i too am "just a girl searching desperately for inspiration wherever it might appear"
...may i search here?