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one of the regulars who comes into the bar tends to get pretty wasted and not remember what events transpired on any given night. about a week ago, he got so drunk that when he woke up in some strange woman's house and noticed his keys... and his car were missing, he wasn't sure if he had given the keys to someone to use his car, or if the car was actually stolen. shortly after he filed the police report, a female officer came into the bar to question me about the events of the previous evening. i was there, but i wasn't bartending, and i was pretty drunk, so i wasn't much help. when she asked me if he "does drugs" i chuckled... apparently that was her suspicion since his story didn't really make any sense. anyway, he walked miles and miles all over milwaukee that day in search of his car. (i forgot to mention that he had just bought this car about a week and a half to two weeks prior.) all to no avail. randomly, a couple days later, the car mysteriously appeared on the street where it had been parked before, right in front of the bar.

it was good karma coming back to him, i thought. so he had his car, but there was still a set of keys missing. just minutes ago i saw said guy riding his bike past my house. "my car got stolen again, suzy," he says... "and i wasn't even wasted this time!" poor fucking guy. some people have all the luck... and some don't have any.



miss you.