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it's a girl!

jill just called me to tell me she's having a girl! actually, she said "well... you'd better start saving up for your tattoo now!" here's the deal: i told her i would get a tattoo of a lily if she had a girl, since the baby is taking my middle name. but, i'm not finding much online other than shots of live flowers. anyone wanna help me out and find a .jpg of a lily which would work as a base for a tattoo sketch? pretty please?


I think you should have someone draw a lily with a celtic feel to it just a suggestion
It's a little dim, and I'm not sure if this is the color you'd want, but there's a really pretty purple one here...

(And do keep us all updated if you change journals!)

neon sign on the horizon rubbing elbows with the moon...

hey there...you sent me a comment a few days back about my journal and i just wanted to thank you--it was very sweet of you. i don't post much (or at all) anymore but i should; i need to write more. i love your tatoo, by the way :)