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okay, so i totally thought this was a gimmic when i saw it posted on craigslist.com but it is not! i signed up a couple days ago, and now this site has physically moved funds into a partypoker account i set up. here's how it works:

you have to meet a few qualifications. you must not already have a real money partypoker account set up. you MAY have a fake money account, though, and you can start with that username. you must send them a scanned copy or a photo of your id or passport.. it must have your photo, your name, and your birthdate. you must be 18. and the site says you must be at least a little experienced at playing poker. (duh.)

okay, then, they take your information at this liquidpoker site. all the info you give them there must match the info you type in at the partypoker site. if you don't have a fake money account at partypoker, you make an account. you will enter information up until the page that tells you how to deposit real money funds. then, you stop. in one or two days, go back, and liquidpoker will have made a deposit in your party poker account. you have $50 (though they actually deposited $55 into my account?? not sure how that happened) to play with. with this money, you must play 700 raked hands. once you do that, it will unlock the other $25 deposit liquidpoker makes to the partypoker account. (the money is already deposited in there and shows up in the partypoker real money area, but it is locked until you fulfill the 700 hand obligation.) once you do this, the money is yours. you can continue to play on the initial $50 plus the $25, or you can just cash it out. it doesn't matter.

in addition, you will receive $10 in the account for every person you refer to this survey. you need to HURRY, though, the registration deadline is TOMORROW- sept. 7th. if you do this, please refer me... the extra $10 would really help when i'm all poor like now.

use this link: http://www.liquidpoker.net/partypoker/index.php?ref=19484

and my partypoker username is now faerie_grrl... come play with me!!!


You do realize that you just sent a photocopy of your ID to strangers?

I've read about some pretty interesting identity thieving scams. Wow.

Even if they do not use it themselves. Chances are pretty good they know whom to sell your info to .

i blocked out all my personal information. (i'm not retarted) it's no different than having your id scanned when you enter a bar or club, but there you CAN'T edit your information. they even tell you you SHOULD block out information that they don't need.

so chill out, kimosabe.