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so i'm sitting here at work drinking chai and eating a yummy chocolate chip cookie that's supposed to be for the little fourth graders who are coming in to check out our office building from a local school that my brother has been doing a couple presentations at, and our plumber's (by that, i mean the plumber that does all the work on all of our model and spec. homes) wife comes in. she had a plan for a new home here to be picked up, and she's always super friendly and chatty while she's here. anyway, last time she stopped in, she had her daughter claire with her, and apparently claire has taken a liking to me. claire is four, and she's very obviously smart and very adorable. claire was gawking at me, smiling widely, the whole time she was in the office, and made sure to give me a very friendly goodbye before she left.

okay, an interjection. any of you who know me in real life know that my once-vibrant redredred hair has now faded to a pink shade. what'cha gonna do? anyway, back to the story..

so claire and melissa (the plumber's wife) leave the office and as soon as they get into the car, claire bluntly says, "you know, mom, i've thought about it, and i've decided that i'd really like to have pink hair." melissa responded with "uhm.. no, claire. suzy's a lot older than you are. she's allowed to do that." ha! : ) then, a couple days later, melissa and claire were looking through magazines to find a photo of a haircut for claire. upon coming across one of a girl with ultra bleached-blonde hair and hot pink chunky stripes, claire declared "this one's my favorite, mom."

kids are funny. : )


i heart chai :)