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i did some more shopping tonight. i decided that the shower curtain, etc. i had picked out were way too girly for me. soooo, i returned them and found a lovely, box-y, different-shades-of-green shower curtain at target. then i grabbed a heavy-duty clear shower curtain for behind it (since the green one is a heavy cloth material) and found some lovely accessories to match. i got a shag bathroom mat in a darkish green and a porcelain toothbrush holder and soap dish with very cool light-to-dark green painting. everything matches and looks awesome. AND, the towels i have from my room at home which my mom has said i can take should match as well, if that matters. : )

i also remembered to get light bulbs for the lamps i bought last night, and i got a cool silver thing-a-majig that hangs on the shower head to hold shampoo and soap and other random bathroom necessities, along with some other random stuff. yay! this is all so exciting! i can't wait until i'll be living in madison!

i am currently crest white-stripping my teeth. ooooo.. how eventful! that's all.