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i am not an angry girl.

but it seems like i've got everyone fooled.

i am not an angry girl
10 August 1983
i'm just a girl searching desperately for inspiration wherever it might appear..
abandoned buildings, acrylics, adult swim, always wearing mismatched socks, american beauty, anal, androgyny, angelina jolie, ani difranco, aqua teen hunger force, art, attraction, bartending, beauty, big boots, bipolar, bitch and animal, bite marks, body issues, body modification, body piercing, bruises, built to spill, chai, charles bukowski, chicks dig scars, chuck palahniuk, clever people, corsets, creativity, crooked smiles, cuddling, cutting, dancer in the dark, daydreaming, dead like me, depression, dermal punching, donnie darko, dorky glasses, driving nowhere, eating disorders, elliott smith, every-little-scar-tells-a-story, faerie wings, fibromyalgia, fight club, friends who fuck, funny bumper stickers, gauge queens, gia, girls with shaved heads, hair dye, hair pulling, handwritten letters, i hate george bush, i'm a karaoke whore, imperfections, indigo girls, ingrid michaelson, ink, inspiration, intelligent conversation, intensity, invisible monsters, journaling, karaoke, les lokey, love, lust, maggie gyllenhaal, melissa ferrick, mental illness, movies, naps, needles, neutral milk hotel, not wearing underwear, obscenely skinny boys, obsession with even numbers, ocd, old liz phair, old movie theatres, painting, pamela means, passion, people-watching, permanence, peter kraus, peter mulvey, philosophy, photography, piercings, plaid, poetry, polaroids, proper grammar, psychology, pulp fiction, rain, random acts of kindness, ranma 1/2, red hair, regina spektor, rent, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, righteous babe records, run lola run, rushmore, scarification, self injury, sending-naked-photos-to-random-internet-folk, sex, sex with friends, sexy glasses, short hair, singing in the shower, six feet under, skinnydipping, sleeping in, so much pain, somebody-that-has-a-tortured-soul-some-of-the-time, spending too much money, stormy summer nights, sylvia plath, tattoos, tegan and sara, the bell jar, the butchies, the color red, the lost room, the murmurs, the royal tenenbaums, tilly and the wall, tori amos, uniqueness, vodka and red bull, walking barefoot, walking in the rain, weeds, winged things, words, writing